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In order to address the demand in the market, Frezwid has introduced new PremiumLINE tools for production of PVC windows. Our many years of experience have enabled us to develop tools that improve the quality of processing and reduce the time of milling of window profiles. In our work on the new milling cutters we focused on enabling the easiest and the quickest milling and achieving milling surface of the best quality.

To achieve our objectives, we make the PremiumLINE cutters with specially selected, best quality carbide supplied by the best certified manufacturers. The heads for face milling of posts have specially shaped geometry and a larger number of blades, which prevents breaking of the profile during milling.

Cutters for cleaning of corners also have more edges and are made in the same technology as the cutters for posts. The use of the same design solutions as in the cutters for posts makes it possible to avoid ripping of corners and to increase the speed of movement, as well as to extend the time intervals between required sharpening. This clearly improves the quality and reduces the process of milling of corners.

PremiumLine support blocks, templates, and guides
The PremiumLINE tool series includes welding support blocks, guides for cutting glazing beads, drilling templates, and saw guides. They are made from the best aluminium alloys and are additionally surface hardened.

The components of the support blocks, such as knives limiting seals and fixing elements, as well as elements of cutting guides that are particularly exposed to abrasion, are made from hardened zinc-coated steel. This prevents soling the profile by the aluminium parts and the improved abrasion resistance enables longer use of the tools.

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